Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives us some more background on her interns and her home life.

on Jul 3, 2012

Aviva, not knowing Ramona, is not sure if we are fighting. That's just Ramona venting and displacing her anger on me. Like I said Ramona puts up with me!!! I'm not perfect. Ramona's comments to her husband were private. I don't really think she meant them. She's allowed to go off the rails with her man. Besides that's her opinion! Beats the name calling other people practice.

Whoops! I can see I'm going to get some harsh cuts on this first Sonja in the City party. Wouldn't be fun to watch if my party went off without a hitch, now would it? I can plan a party in my sleep, and you have seen it over and over. The Social Life party was fantastic. In fact, you missed the band! If only Ramona had stayed. I guess Carole is right -- all the drama is around Ramona! She leaves and the cameras leave! I have to admit the party I threw the first episode ruined everyone's hair! It was 100 degrees and humid so the garden deflated everyone's hair. . .oh well. Didn't stop Ramona and Lu from going at it. No party goes off perfectly. You just roll with the punches!

That was a fun morning just easing into the day with the interns. It's the calm before the storm.