Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives us some more background on her interns and her home life.

on Jul 3, 2012

It took many online forums of all types of religions, just to be notified that I'm in the 3 percent of "unmatchables." Which of course I knew! I just didn't want to see it blaring at me on my computer screen. But, I'm not going to lower my standards to be with just anyone! Any other religions I should try? Currently I'm reading about the Kabbalah, and haven't tried Scientology.

There's been some snarky comments about what my interns do and why I need them. Let's be honest, everyone could use some help! Especially a working mom with a busy schedule, philanthropy, and new business developments. Just the social media alone has my head spinning! These kids today are whizzes and they just love it. All of it. The glamour, the dresses, the events, the celebs, and the bright lights of the big city! Goody bags are not enough to satisfy these kids. We play hard but we work harder. Everyone on my team has a great attitude, manners, and respect. Each person on the team brings something different to the table, which makes us appreciate each other that much more. I'm just a part of the team too.

Tyler is very smart and goes with me on all my appearances and important business appointments. That can be anything from a toaster oven demonstration, charity presentation, red carpet, premiere, board meeting, lawyer, financial, catering, public relations, Sonja Home design, website, or social media meeting. They are never ending, and I trust him to tell me what he really thinks, and to get me there and back safely. He also makes sure my borrowed dresses and jewels are intact and returned, receipts submitted, and reimbursed. He also watches the budget.