Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives us some more background on her interns and her home life.

on Jul 3, 2012

I do whatever it takes to keep me in balance, strong and able to manage everything, and still go forward while enjoying my life and the people who love and support me. It's not always the bottom line for me. It's that I have lived the life I want and with who I want. Most days are so busy that once I have dinner with my daughter along with the interns, violin teacher, or whoever helped out that day, and she's off to bed, we all just grab a movie or take last minute advantage of an invitation. That can be anything from Andy Cohen's book signing, art gallery opening, Christmas Spectacular at Radio City, backstage at The Actor's Studio, private townhouse garden cocktail, Cirque du Soleil, or Fashion's Night Out! Then we get up and do it all again, but we all love what we do or we wouldn't be doing it in this wonderful, crazy city!

So if that is too boring, I hope you skipped through! But I do love the people I spend my time with. They make me laugh and they cry with me too! They are in my private home so it's rare I have privacy. This means they go through the ups and downs with me. I couldn't do it all on my own. It's the team that makes it possible!

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