Sonja Morgan

Sonja discusses her ex and tries to remember a time when she and Aviva were BFFs.

on Sep 25, 2012

I was so angry because I wanted closure with my ex above all else and was willing to give up a lot in my settlement financially to keep my daughter in her childhood home.

When I didn’t get my face-to-face with him, and a fair way to do that (not even close, according to my lawyers), I was angry. It's been so long that I have been working and supporting so much on my own beyond what child support can do. My assets and cash are tied up in this divorce and I want what is rightfully mine, and to be independent again so I can move on. If it means losing our home and a lot of what I have worked my whole life for, then I would have to continue in court to fight, in other words sue, for cold cash. It's not what I want to do. . .It takes time, energy, and money away from my daughter.

We were married 10 years and knew each other for seven years before. It’s a large chunk of my existence! As the woman who loved her man dearly, I think I deserve that respect as the mother of such an amazing little girl. I was a good mom and wife.

I invited Lu to help me take down my ex's painting with Pocker and Sons. I trust them to archive it. Ramona doesn’t understand divorce like Lu does, since she has never felt the pain personally. I never would have imagined it ending, myself. NEVER. I didn't mean that Ramona didn't understand the royalty thing BTW. . .that's ridiculous. Ramona certainly understands what it means to be married to a family like my daughter's. It's a big responsibility. I just want to give my daughter all I possibly can.

I was independent and owned my homes before I was married. I had security in the bank, a stock account, and a career -- and I will still have that if the power is mine and God wants that. I filed the Chapter 11 to restructure my assets to satisfy my movie business judgment and to move on with what's left after hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, in all cases being paid by myself.