Sonja Morgan

Sonja discusses her ex and tries to remember a time when she and Aviva were BFFs.

on Sep 25, 2012

Then when he calls Ramona "trailer t--d." Oh my. Now we understand where Aviva gets her language from. I feel bad for Aviva at this point. I think George has enabled Aviva, as Carole has. No one has helped Aviva see the truth. Carole has no idea what has gone down at this point. Were they at the same party? I watched and swooped in intuitively as soon as I felt Ramona about to cry. It was obvious body langauge. Hovering, in Ramona's face, pulling her arm. . .

As far as Aviva coming, I don't think it was the time to come. Re: the height of the apt that makes no sense. She went to Ranjana's penthouse, that was a breakthrough as well as the St. James' Hotel rooftop. I was proud of her. We were BFFs back then. What the hell happened????

It pained me to see Ramona take a further lashing from Aviva. Especially when she has to defend me. These are ludicrous accusations. I wish Ramona didnt have to deal. I am standing on my own two feet. I am not out at the Bed Bath and Beyond looking for a husband to support me and my daughter. I am working hard with Sonja in The City. So many parties! And in real time with months and sometimes a year to plan! Not with in days, and with budget!!! Not comped and out of my pocket!!! Yipppppeee!!!