Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan comments on all the craziness and defends LuAnn's right to enjoy Tomas' company.

on Aug 27, 2012

Now even though I wasn’t running into doors and bringing home a “group of Italians,” Ramona and I were pointed out to be drinking "already" by "I'm Gonna Be Miss Goody Two Shoes Tonight” Carole Radziwill because she hasn’t seen her "West Coast Boyfriend" in five months and she's refraining from partying.

This is a girls’ trip! I’m here to stir the drink! What you don’t see is from first flight to the end of the night we were all constantly being served! Welcome mimosas and wine with lunch in first class on the plane, arrival champagne at the villa. Rosé was not flowing in this Villa, it was gushing from a SPIGOT! In all my travel I've never seen this.

We flew on the big plane to the big family island and took the small plane to the small, sexy island to a private home (that normally costs a small fortune), so we could have round-the-clock security, on-site drivers, staff, a butler at our side, and yes, a French chef (even though he did go home too early).