Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan comments on all the craziness and defends LuAnn's right to enjoy Tomas' company.

on Aug 27, 2012

I now feel like the Grand MaaaaaAAAArrrrrshaaaallll of Le Ti St. Barth and the BLT* Community.

(*Bacon, Lettuce, and TOASTED. I will get back to supporting the LGBT youth when I get back to NY!)

I have been friends with Carole Gruson, owner of the fabulous Le Ti St. Barth, for decades. I had no idea her and Tomas were broken up until Tomas told me at the house the next night at our cocktail party. He's French, always flirtatious (especially with the clients), which is what we go there for! All that attention is intoxicating. Carole Grusen does not get jealous easily, because she is French, sexy, vivacious, and has men lined up and down the island for her! She always has the cutest, sweetest boyfriends. I’m thrilled LuAnn let her hair down a bit and got in touch with her inner pirate booty. If Tomas (or was it Johnny Depp?) is giving her attention, let her enjoy!