Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan comments on all the craziness and defends LuAnn's right to enjoy Tomas' company.

on Aug 27, 2012

I don’t know why everyone’s talking about what LuAnn’s doing, because it’s nobody's business. Whether it was a group of Italians or Tomas, if she wanted you to know, she would tell us more, if there even is more! I’m just pissed she didn’t wake me up if it was so much fun! There is nothing wrong with bringing people (or a group of Italians) back to the house! Now I know Ramona doesn’t sleep and she watches TV with the butler and snacks (and still has a phenomenal body), but what were Heather and Carole doing up at the main house?! The bungalow was hundreds of yards away from the house, so what were they doing? Creeping around in the bushes?! Peering through (or running into) glass doors?

Whether it’s Sonja in the City, Sonja Home, Sonja in the Master Suite, or Sonja on the Island, I live in the moment wherever I am. I love St. Barths and enjoy every moment. When in France (it's a French island), do as the French do!