Sonja Morgan

Sonja wishes Aviva was more like the woman she initially met and explains how she borrows clothes.

on Oct 8, 2012

When she let me know that I could be myself and that I had full license to be funny and make people comfortable about her trauma, I felt special. The fact that she trusted me at first meant the world to me. That's why I asked Ramona to give Aviva a chance, because Ramona didn't know Aviva, and I wanted her to tread lightly. She did. I gave the "Ramona Manual" to Aviva, and she welcomed Ramona with open arms as well. I really don't know where this triangle of a friendship took a turn towards the stop sign.

I just know at that moment when Aviva shared her story, I remembered the girl I first met and who trusted me. The one I embraced happily. I think Aviva's hard on herself so she's hard on others, and if she could wake up each day and love herself and know that other people meet her to love her, that would be a good start. Ramona did not set her up, and I'm not a double dealer! We really did want to be friends with Aviva and her hurtful words are hard to erase.

At this point, Aviva's apologies are like the boy who cried wolf. We have to see over time. I hope she can keep her promise this time and not continue to insult me and make up untrue stories, because I cannot accommodate "friends" like that, no matter how hurt they are from past trauma. I have a little girl to support, a world I built for myself, and people who depend on me.

I understand now she was angry, and was just projecting. This explains a lot, and I thank her for sharing this at the reunion and so does my daughter. Alex McCord during this whole name calling, bashing time period said to the press that "Sonja was on vacation, she likes to have a good time, will slip on a banana peel to do it, and bottom line she is a great mom!" That’s all I want!