Sonja Morgan

Sonja wishes Aviva was more like the woman she initially met and explains how she borrows clothes.

on Oct 8, 2012

Carole’s freezing! Ramona’s hot! Lower by 3 degrees? Ramona telling me get off her dress. Me saying I'm frick and frackin’ her. Everyone licking their teeth for lipstick including Andy? This is funny off-camera stuff on camera!

Heather is right, Lu threw Ramona under the bus. She can't help it, it’s vintage Lu vs. Ramona! We all see the clip where Lu starts the conversation saying Reed will change the dynamic. Heather speaks up and says it was light banter for a very short period. Thank you, Heather! Fun among friends. We were having a good time and putting it out there. I took the chance to tease Lu and say you tell -- OK, everyone is tired of this story already. . .

See you next week for Reunion Part 2 where I just can't stop about the Sonja logo. Bear with me. I promise we will get through this. You may even like it! Maybe even Heather will.

I want to thank the small village that got me ready for the reunion. I spent no time thinking about it. My girlfriend Lorena Sarbu of Hollywood sent me last minute a dress, my girlfriend Wendy Madden sent me Steve Madden shoes, and then I threw on some jewelry with Cesar Gavaria there to help, and of course makeup by Jasen Kaplan, and hair by Ivan Torres of Angelo David Salon. Last but not least, Tyler Mills was there to assist me and my darling Naomi was by my side and watching the homestead. Thanks #TeamSonja

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I have posted pics from my recent Sonja In The City Launch for Cat Ommanney’s Book The Gift, her long awaited sequel to Inbox Full. Happy to say it was success and well attended by press and stars at Bobby Vans in the original JP Morgan & Co's Bank Vault. A good time was had by all.

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