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Sonja: Aviva Is The Boy That Cried Wolf

Sonja wishes Aviva was more like the woman she initially met and explains how she borrows clothes.

Well, right out-of-the-box Andy asks us how we feel when we knew there were new girls. Of course I said I was worried, because it took a long time to get the girls up to speed, and of course they were very gracious when we agree to so much and because we are the veterans.

When my fellow 'Wives do well, I do well. I know LuAnn must've missed her brunette couch, but funny how she and Ramona had a chance to get to know each other this season in a new way. If you can't beat 'em, join them! With this group, you can't run the other way, however, some people never take no for an answer!

First up, we have LuAnn saying Carole's strategy is to just talk behind everyone's back in her interviews but not on camera when we're together and interacting. I have to say I was very surprised to see some of the comments that she made when she wielded her trusty pen. Carole wrote and said things in her interviews that did not match the face that she showed us while filming. That can be hurtful and leaves you defenseless on camera. We don't see what's filmed until you see it, and then it’s too late.

The reunions are wonderful, but we film for hours and they only use two 45-minute segments. There is always more than meets the eye when you first make new friends.

On another note, it's been brought to my attention that there is an Institute for American Indian Studies in Connecticut as well as the National Museum of the American Indian in both Washington D.C. and New York City. So I have to say I'm feeling archaic as a museum and ignorant as well! I need to still understand what Carole's trying to teach us and why it needs to be brought up among friends at dinner over a bottle of wine. I do like that Lu admits that she made her comments to get on Radzi's nerves. Fair enough! I like that Radzi voiced her opinions when it comes to Ranjana, because she is entitled to her feelings -- those are her dear friends. However, she says she doesn't borrow their clothes, but I do know she wore some Ranjana's jewelry and a dress that Ranjana made her.

Then I can see why Lu got upset with Heather, because Heather of all people knows that celebs and high-profile people borrow dresses. Beyonce, who Heather worked with, borrows from Marc Bouwer just as I do. We have worn the same stuff. Sometimes, if I really like something, I ask for it. But I don't have the closet space or the need for all these dresses. Then Heather says Lu gets upset if you don’t say what she wants. That's true. So I pipe in on that one too! Look what happens when "big girl syndrome" goes up against itself. Whoa!

I have borrowed dresses for high-profile events where I would be photographed ever since I was a young girl as a model and sometimes actress. Same goes for my charity events. I cannot afford to buy (nor want to) a new dress every time I'm seen wearing a dress in the press. No one likes to return the dress to the designer and wear a new one for the next. There are usually samples from the runway shows, so you have to stay somewhat thin. The designer is happy and so am I. It's a win-win.

Regarding the Princess vs. Countess comment, they're both real titles by marriage. Lu lived with a man who lived the life of a count and was seated socially around the world at dinners using that title at placement dinner parties and was introduced with that title. Lu has children who will also carry that title, so it's very real for her.

Is she a name dropper? Sure! So am I. If you know those people, it's just the game. Is it annoying? I'm sure it is. It doesn't make anyone a bad person. It just means socially you know the same people, that you're not going anywhere, you paid your dues, you've been around, you're accepted, and you're "in." Everyone feels insecure at times. We all have our safety mechanisms. If the Countess is using her title less this year, kudos to her! It just says she's becoming more secure as a single woman since her divorce. A lot of people said they enjoyed seeing the other side of her as a true friend when I took down the painting of my ex-husband. I'm happy we could do that together.

I'm very surprised when Aviva says Harry is her ex for a reason. They have a child together. She's always said she's fond of Harry, and yet she speaks to the news badly off the show, so I brought it up against my better judgment, since my emotions got the better of me. I feel I should defend Harry, as he was not there to defend himself and some things that are being said I do not feel are true.

I'm very surprised when Aviva says that if I were a girlfriend's girlfriend, I would side with her. I try to be fair, and I hope I side with the facts. Frankly, it's not my business, but like I said, my emotions got the best of me and earlier she had said things that were untrue I was all fired up at that point! I've known Harry for decades and I've known Aviva for seconds; why would I side with her against the facts as I see them? I'm not feeling Aviva needs to be protected from Harry. Anyone who meets Harry knows he's a bon vivant, a loving dad, and a loyal friend, who would give the shirt off his back. He comes from a very wealthy family, but it's not his money to give away. I feel he's a blessing in my life, as do many people, and he has a son who adores him.

Aviva's only phobias are flying and heights? Wow! I wish! Because then we could still be developing our new friendship that I so wanted.

What Aviva shared with us about her trauma at the reunion, describing when she was a little girl and how she caught her leg in that machine, was just awful. I truly feel so bad for her. I did the first time when she told me off-camera that she wanted to be able to be herself and share everything openly.

When she let me know that I could be myself and that I had full license to be funny and make people comfortable about her trauma, I felt special. The fact that she trusted me at first meant the world to me. That's why I asked Ramona to give Aviva a chance, because Ramona didn't know Aviva, and I wanted her to tread lightly. She did. I gave the "Ramona Manual" to Aviva, and she welcomed Ramona with open arms as well. I really don't know where this triangle of a friendship took a turn towards the stop sign.

I just know at that moment when Aviva shared her story, I remembered the girl I first met and who trusted me. The one I embraced happily. I think Aviva's hard on herself so she's hard on others, and if she could wake up each day and love herself and know that other people meet her to love her, that would be a good start. Ramona did not set her up, and I'm not a double dealer! We really did want to be friends with Aviva and her hurtful words are hard to erase.

At this point, Aviva's apologies are like the boy who cried wolf. We have to see over time. I hope she can keep her promise this time and not continue to insult me and make up untrue stories, because I cannot accommodate "friends" like that, no matter how hurt they are from past trauma. I have a little girl to support, a world I built for myself, and people who depend on me.

I understand now she was angry, and was just projecting. This explains a lot, and I thank her for sharing this at the reunion and so does my daughter. Alex McCord during this whole name calling, bashing time period said to the press that "Sonja was on vacation, she likes to have a good time, will slip on a banana peel to do it, and bottom line she is a great mom!" That’s all I want!

Carole’s freezing! Ramona’s hot! Lower by 3 degrees? Ramona telling me get off her dress. Me saying I'm frick and frackin’ her. Everyone licking their teeth for lipstick including Andy? This is funny off-camera stuff on camera!

Heather is right, Lu threw Ramona under the bus. She can't help it, it’s vintage Lu vs. Ramona! We all see the clip where Lu starts the conversation saying Reed will change the dynamic. Heather speaks up and says it was light banter for a very short period. Thank you, Heather! Fun among friends. We were having a good time and putting it out there. I took the chance to tease Lu and say you tell -- OK, everyone is tired of this story already. . .

See you next week for Reunion Part 2 where I just can't stop about the Sonja logo. Bear with me. I promise we will get through this. You may even like it! Maybe even Heather will.

I want to thank the small village that got me ready for the reunion. I spent no time thinking about it. My girlfriend Lorena Sarbu of Hollywood sent me last minute a dress, my girlfriend Wendy Madden sent me Steve Madden shoes, and then I threw on some jewelry with Cesar Gavaria there to help, and of course makeup by Jasen Kaplan, and hair by Ivan Torres of Angelo David Salon. Last but not least, Tyler Mills was there to assist me and my darling Naomi was by my side and watching the homestead. Thanks #TeamSonja

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I have posted pics from my recent Sonja In The City Launch for Cat Ommanney’s Book The Gift, her long awaited sequel to Inbox Full. Happy to say it was success and well attended by press and stars at Bobby Vans in the original JP Morgan & Co's Bank Vault. A good time was had by all.

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Kristen: To Brunch or Not to Brunch

Kristen wonders what the underlying issue was between Bethenny and Ramona.

I like watching Carole and Heather together. They’re like sisters--easy and relaxed with one another. Carole is too funny with her pillow!

It seems to me that Ramona is really close to Dorinda. I am happy to see that Ramona is confiding in Dorinda. I am also happy to hear Dorinda comment on the whole Mario in-the-press thing. It really is the elephant in all of our rooms. It’s such a shame that he went about things the way that he did. Out of respect for his family, you would think he could be discreet? The good news is that Ramona is a very strong woman, her daughter isn’t a baby anymore, and well…Ramona is surrounded by loving friends. Oh, and she’s “keeping the company of men.” You go, girl!

Sonja arrives in true Sonja fashion: large, loud, and proud. She has food and complains about rooms and traffic. I didn’t realize that Sonja and Dorinda had not met yet. Hello! Bad first impression! Despite it all, I do really love Sonja.

Bethenny is back in the car, this time with an assistant--last week it was a real estate agent. Next week, who will it be? I think the title of her next book should be I live in My Car, or I Wrote this Book in My Car. Or, It’s Easy to Have Relationships in My Car the Minute the Car Door Opens, I just Suck at Them. Or, It’s Easy to Have Relationships with Paid Employees in My Car, just not unpaid regular people or any man outside of my car? Toooo much!

As much as I LOVE a beer, I don’t think I would ever pull one out of my bag!

Kristen Taekman

She is exhausted, I’m exhausted…Andy, let’s drink every time we hear the word CAR. LOL!

Luann’s estate sale. If I had been there, I would’ve cried for sure. Wow, that’s got to be so darn hard! A lifetime collection of your very personal belongings, and there they are, total strangers picking through them like vultures! Lu’s new house is wonderful, by the way. New beginnings!

I actually spent some time with Luann at her new home that summer, so it was not my first time visiting. Her new house is really a dream house. Cute, quaint, on the water, great yard. It really is the new Luann. It’s a fresh start in so many ways. I am very, very happy for Luann and her new beginnings.

It was funny watching Carole meet Adam for the first time. I was outside when this was happening. I think she was smitten immediately. Hilarious how she was faking that she could cook. Hilarious!

When I walk in to meet the girls at Lu’s and get the recap on the day, I am surprised and happy to hear that Ramona apologizes to Luann. It seemed very much like a heartfelt apology. This is the first time we are all together talking about Mario and Ramona. Last summer, there was so much in the tabloids. We are commenting on what we read and saw in the press. Interesting that Heather refers to it as “Mob wife syndrome.” But after 25 years together, it makes sense.

The party. Oh, Sonja... As much as I LOVE a beer, I don’t think I would ever pull one out of my bag! OMG…at least go to the package store, get a six pack, and share! #Hello! This is very strange to me. I thought she was talking about drinking tequila earlier? What’s that saying, again? Beer before liquor never sicker. Liquor before beer never fear?

We are all a bit hesitant to see Sonja. The last time we were with her was the reunion, and you remember how that went down? #delusional 

Bethenny enters. I was in the other room so I didn’t see her walk in. I just remember rounding the corner into the kitchen, and I walked right into her and Dorinda. We said our hellos, she asked about Josh, and then off she went to make a drink.

To brunch or not to brunch. I was in the middle of all this ping-ponging back and forth. I first wonder, do Bethenny and Ramona have some years of old, unfinished business still lingering? Do they hate each other? Is it weird that Bethenny is back? Is Ramona fearful that she is taking her friends away? Hmmm…one wonders. This whole brunch thing was a miscommunication…it always is. Bethenny genuinely had no idea who was staying where. Ramona’s email inviting us to brunch didn’t make it to all of our inboxes, so we had no idea!

I am sure Bethenny was coming from a place of “why would we go to a restaurant when we all have these amazing houses?" And she really wasn’t interested in cooking. Two things you never turn down is when Bethenny Frankel offers to make you a drink or cook something for you--you do NOT say NO. She is amazing at both! I really didn’t care either way. I was ready to hit the road the next day and get back to the city. LOL, enough of the drama I like my #easylikesundaymornings to be just that--EASY! #tobecontinued

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