Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives you more details about her first Sonja in the City party and the questionable performance.

on Jul 17, 2012

I guess this is to create drama? I still managed to arrange croquet in London and my PR contact through Dallas/Monica set us up with fantastic locals in London. So a lot goes on besides packing!!

The food looks great early on when they show it. I couldn't believe it when the sonnet Cara wrote called "Away From You" turned into the Cara Quici production! She couldn't do the song I requested and didn't come to the 4:30 pm rehearsal So the show must go on.

Well, she may have been too much for the uptown crowd! There wasn't an unpeeled eye in the room. I can tell you, if you were there, people really did enjoy the performance once they got over the shock! The lyrics to the song I chose were written for Reid and Aviva, and it was an unplugged rendition or unproduced, natural version. With Aviva afraid to go anywhere without Reid it was a touching song. Cara is from Corpus Christi, Texas, and has been singing since four years old in her church choir. She is a rising International star and very talented. I was pleased to have her donate her time and love. Let's face it though it was a big break and she got a little carried away!

Well it made for good drama!