Sonja Morgan

Sonja shares her true thoughts on George, Miami, and traveling companions.

on Jul 30, 2012

These girls are really too much with the who gets invited on the trip and who doesn't! Not everyone is invited every time!

I have organized so many trips in my life, and the success of the trip really depends on the mix. If you're going to be at sea for 12 days with six couples on a yacht, or at 12,000 feet in the mountains with 12 couples, you have to be very careful who you invite or else you will not only ruin your guests' and possible business partners' vacation, but your own as well!

Face yoga, seriously? Ramona and I like to have fun and that was just going on far too long. Let's face it, I wasn't convinced. Let's be honest, my girlfriends from India are so lucky, their skin never shows age! Try to do what Ramona and I do at our ages; our skin should look like paper bags! I have my tricks and Ramona has hers.

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