Sonja Morgan

Sonja shares her true thoughts on George, Miami, and traveling companions.

on Jul 30, 2012

Amazing that Carole has been working on her current book for four years but these things don't happen overnight. I feel like I'm giving birth to the toaster oven just as Carole says she thinks she's giving birth to her book!

I've been working on my toaster oven, and my cookbook for two years now. Reworking and tweaking both. If you really want to give something your best, it takes time and patience. With my movie production company, I produced an award-winning, seven-million-dollar film starring Forest Whitaker and Gabrielle Anwar, and had a slate of four more films, but was moving too fast. I got caught in the wake of that ship and it sailed!

At the same time I work on my current businesses, I still enjoy my life and my time with my daughter, family, and friends. Kids, they grow so fast, and I don't want any regrets! I loved producing movies and now I love cooking in the toaster oven for folks and my catering business is a joy, but I also live for my family and friends. So everything has to groove together. I have seen at my age how quickly life can end and how little money can do about that.

Ramona and I always get ready together! It's no big deal. I'm in France now as I write. I have my own room, but I'm always in my girlfriend Carol's room. It's her house, and she's my best friend. We are like sisters, so we want to be together before going out -- giggling and having a good time.