Sonja Morgan

Sonja shares her true thoughts on George, Miami, and traveling companions.

on Jul 30, 2012

We like to tease Reid because Aviva acts so prim and proper and Reid really likes to have a good time and party. We share the scotch! Ramona and Mario, they know how to take a joke too. I actually fix Reid's shower in St. Barths, so now we are even for him having to repair the Miami shower! Anyhow, he loved every minute.

It's not like I'm sexy in the clod-hopping shoes and a comb in my rats nest called hair! We are girls being girls!

In fact, sometimes I have more fun with the girls getting ready for the party that at the party, if you know what I mean! Not my parties, of course. My parties are always fun, and never a dull moment! At minimum, we have a costume malfunction or a young singer taking advantage of the limelight to get her "Britney" on (Did you see Cara Quici perform on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen?) At least I'm still supporting the arts and feeding the Dreschers! No press is bad press folks.

Some parties you never know how they will turn out, so you have to enjoy getting ready because it might be the best part of your evening! You have probably seen the last couple of seasons, I always have friends over for a glass of champagne in my bathroom when getting ready. I'll have my niece, a date, girlfriends, my stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, or interns. I live in the moment! it's not the destination, it's the journey