Aviva Drescher

Aviva longs for the days when Housewives could just make up and when GhostGate wasn't a thing.

on Apr 15

Boxers often embrace each other after a vicious fight. You see opposing team members hug each other following a brutal football game. Tennis players at least shake hands after an exhausting match. There's a certain gentility, respect, an acknowledgement that although we've been pitted in combat against each other, we walk away from the battle, the trash talking, and the competition when the game is over. . .even it we're going to pick it up again tomorrow.

That used to be the way with us Housewives. In the heat of the moment, we could say some awful things about and to each other, then in more clement moments insincere apologies would be issued and we'd air kiss and make up. Even without the calming influence of pinot, there was a glue (not the sniffing kind), an affinity, a consanguinity that maintained our tight little band/sorority/clique/gang/coven. We may not have been planning long walks through the heather or seaside vacations together, but we recognized our bond, and were civilized enough to enjoy each other. . .when we weren't scratching each other's eyes out.

Alas. This season seems to be the end of all that. The battles on the air have continued in these blogs and over social and traditional media where antagonists have planted stories, savaged their rivals though surrogates on Twitter, and even enlisted minions to plant unfavorable reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

Yes, Carole and I had a spat about ghost writers blah blah blah (I won’t bore you with the details again) and, really, WGAF? As literary feuds go, it's not exactly Wordsworth and Coleridge. And for making an impact in modern terms, while our books are doing respectfully, J. K. Rowling vs. Suzanne Collins it ain't. (I just checked Amazon and neither Carole's novel nor my memoir Leggy Blonde cracked their top 10,000 in sales -- though Carole's first book hit number one in books about drawing. Yes, odd as it is, Amazon thinks What Remains is a book about drawing. And we both got our butts kicked by the The Berenstain Bears and The Easter Story, but that may just be seasonal fluctuation.)