Carole Radziwill

Carole discusses Ramona's skills with SAT prep, an alternate day of the ladies going to prison, and pens an ode to Millou.

on May 28

PART 2, Answer any four of the following:


* On a scale from 1 to batsh-- crazy where would your most recent ex say you fall?

* What's the longest you are willing to go without sleep?

* What's the longest you are willing to go without seeing your family? Friends? Lovers?

* Are you comfortable with nudity? Yours? Other people's?

* When you go drinking in white party limos, where do you go?

* Are you willing to dress in matching outfits with me?

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MobWives meet Housewives
We all look amazing, don’t you think? I love a good veil. As Grandma Millie used to say, Italians do it better. Especially funerals.

Sonja asked me to write a eulogy for the memorial. Since I had never met Millou I had to do some research. There was a long profile of Millou in AnimalFair magazine, which is where I found out he was gay.

I don't know why we weren't arrested. Drinking in public and throwing ashes into the East River? I looked it up. Both of these are misdemeanors, subject to prison time and fines. I have a feeling that Sonja and her cadre of interns failed to notify the EPA, which you are required to do when spreading ashes in public waterways. And drinking in public was outlawed in 1979. We were outlaws! "The Gang That Couldn't Drink Straight." Had we been caught we would have spent five days in prison. Can you imagine that? The six of us sharing a prison cell fighting over who gets the corner bunk, and whether to watch Judge Judy or Ellen during television time? Orange is the New Black, with Hats!