Carole Radziwill

Carole is back and ready to dish on this season, who her "real life" friends are and why it feels good to decline Aviva's calls.

on Mar 11

Unlike my friendship with Heather, which developed organically both on and off the show, I hadn’t heard from Aviva since we filmed the reunion over a year earlier. I’m not saying I was unhappy about that. Um, I’m kind of not that into her (there, I said it!). But it’s all good because apparently she felt the same way. When I sold my novel the week after the reunion, I got calls from everyone on the show (including LuAnn and we didn’t exactly end on the best terms), except Aviva. Not even a fake "congrats" text from her assistant. And although both Heather and I were very happy for Aviva when she got a book deal, and I offered all of my support, plus contacts, she never picked up the phone once, or sent a text. Nothing. So when she called Heather in this scene, we were both happy to Decline the call. (I love “Declining.” It makes me want an iPhone, again.)

Sometimes the more you get to know someone, the less you like them. Aviva is nice and charming when you are going along with her agenda but as soon as you disagree with her, or don’t give her the support she feels entitled to (like a parade), she becomes a very mean girl. We have all experienced it. I’m her new target. Oh dear.

Ramonja is Back!
Did you see what I mean about the shock factor? Ramona is shocked to see Sonja although they’d probably just seen each other and they are in Sonja’s house after all, it's nothing new. You look amazing. No, you do. No YOU do! I haven’t seen Sonja since last season but I have to say that I do like the "Ramona" on her. And apparently so do the boys!

My friendship with Ramona has grown. She has a large group of devoted friends, and I see why. Yes, sometimes she speaks out of line, sometimes she does the wrong thing, sometimes she starts screaming for no apparent reason. But she is authentic, and on a reality show there is a lot to be said for authenticity. Maybe we are the ultimate Odd Couple. Her Felix, to my Oscar. She responds to situations emotionally then follows up with logic. I respond logically with a delayed emotional reaction.

Speaking of emotional reactions. Why is Sonja suddenly talking about mental illness? Do you feel like you walked into the middle of a conversation.

One in 15 people are psychotic. It’s a sport, they find happy people and they enjoy coming in between their happiness.

Huh, what? Who are they talking about? I’m not taking any chances and will start avoiding groups of 15. I looked it up in the DSM-V. Not exactly the definition but not far from it either. Ramona sums it up: A sagist? Oops. . .a sadist. . .like I said, authentic.