Carole Radziwill

Carole is back and ready to dish on this season, who her "real life" friends are and why it feels good to decline Aviva's calls.

on Mar 11

Happy Birthday Heather!
I'd like to keep a friendly distance from Aviva. She came to Heather's birthday party with her image consultant so that was a good sign. She is very self-centered and there are times I don't mind that -- it saves me the trouble of talking about myself. I find me, as a subject, a bit boring.

I give Aviva advice when she asks, none of which she takes. My friends and I have a name for people like that, we call them "askholes." You know, people who constantly ask for advice then always ignore it. Aviva just doesn't seem genuine to me. It appears as though she's flattering me but it's always a build-up to "The Ask." Yep, and there it is. . .Throw a little editing in there. . .? Um, okay. But I’m not an editor, I’m a writer. I suck at editing. I like words. Lots of them. I couldn't edit a stop sign. I did give her some good advice about editing her manuscript but it was edited (no pun intended) out.

Who cares. It’s boring to talk about publishing when we'd all much rather watch how it goes down with Ramona! Aviva seems to have perfected the art of insulting people she is trying to flatter. Ramona has a couple of years on her? Wow. Aviva has a thing about age. Hers. Mine. Everyone's. Last season she was 44 and this season she is, for some reason, 40. She's the Benjamin Button of Reality.