Carole Radziwill

Carole wishes Sonja was cast in 'Blue Jasmine,' just thinks Aviva is weird, and would rather talk about boys than BookGate.

on Apr 23

All the World is A Stage, Etc.
I'm reading How To Read Literature Like a Professor because it's all about stories and that's what I do -- my business, my career, my day-to-day life -- how I make a living is telling stories. When I get an assignment (my most recent one, a piece on Nascar -- stay tuned!) the first part is collecting information. The second, and most important part, is telling a story.

Every once in awhile, I need a reminder of this. We're all the stories we tell ourselves. When I watch these episodes, which six women filmed for a television show that all of you (thanks!) watch, I think of that.

Every Trip is a Quest (Except When It's Not)
We also have many trips (quests). This week it's to the Hamptons and the quest, brilliantly highlighted by the fireworks backdrop of Fourth of July, is: Let's All Get Along. But why must everyone always get along? I thought that rule ended in grade school. Why are we obligated to build bridges to people we'd simply rather not have in our lives? For all the drama and posturing by all the other women it's simple -- My fragile friendship with Aviva could not withstand her lies and insults. There was a time I thought it might.

The Palace is Crumbling
I wish Woody Allen had cast Sonja in an alternate version of Blue Jasmine. It wouldn't have been sad, Sonja would never have run out of vodka, and she would have been a much more spunky roommate. She could have brought her sharpies and spiffed up everything in that apartment. She'll always bring a cute dog and she doesn't mind sharing her water glass with anyone else's. The palace might go down, but Sonja will always find hot water.

Soap, Soap, My Kingdom For Some Soap
It's so ironic that Aviva curses in front of her kids while she has them make soap. (We're all nothing without irony.) I've never been to a craft store but it doesn't seem like a place to say "shut the f--- up" while your young children make soap out of wax. I thought Kristen was really sweet in this scene. Did I miss something? She wanted to be friends, outside of whatever Aviva has going on with anyone else. She sincerely did and told me numerous times. Why did she have to shut the f--- up? I feel for Kristen. This is what I've experienced with Viva. You don't know what you'll get with her. Sure, drama comes to her, drifts in on random wind gusts and sticks. None of the rest of us ever quite know, though, when it will.

If there's a hypocrite, it's Aviva D. (Is it too late for me to add hypocrite to my list?) She can say whatever she wants and she can characterize a conversation as rape. She can call people trash, slander careers, and ridicule women for their age but the rest of us have to Shut The F--- Up. Ummm. Okey-doke.

Trust me, it's as frustrating to be with her as it is for all of you to watch her.