Carole Radziwill

Carole cops to being 50, discusses Aviva's age-shaming, and thinks her meeting with Harry was the funniest part of the episode.

on Mar 25

Three things about this episode:

1. Slandering a person's career is legally actionable.

2. Age-shaming women is abhorrent.

3. Attacking someone's family is, too.

Aviva claims this is the dumbest fight in Housewife history but I promise you, it's not. She gets into even dumber fights later on, stay tuned.

So first, Slander. Aviva lied on the show and then to cover up her lies she slandered my career on national television. On a show where not showing up for a dinner can launch a three-episode throwdown this isn't some dumb "reality" fight. It's not a joke, and she knows it and her publisher knows it. The lies she is promoting in the press and social media, and of course her scenes on RHONY, are all legally actionable. You can call someone a lousy writer. You can say you hate their book. You can even call a person "white trash" but you can't go on television and slander a person's career. It's illegal, even on reality shows.

Second, Family. Aviva says she “hates me” in press interviews and calls me "Satan" on Twitter, that's fine. She casually slanders my career (how I make a living) and also that of my former editor, Bill Whitworth. But that's not enough. She also speaks in a disparaging way toward my late husband's family. Really? Okay, Vivs. I hope that made you feel good. This is a television show. How low does she need to stoop to stay relevant?

Aviva should fact-check, or ask her Village to. I didn't marry into the Kennedy family, I married Anthony Radziwill. I'm proud of him and his family, the Radziwills. They exist, they're real, and they are separate from the Kennedys. It's a family with cousins, like most families, but my in-laws are the Radziwills, Aviva. Have some respect, and if you must name drop, get it right.