Heather Thomson

Heather Thomson sounds off on Aviva Drescher calling her ghetto.

on Aug 5

Well, here we are again for a second week sitting on the couch. I have to reiterate how grateful I am to be next to my girls, Carole, Kristen, and Lu. Can you say, “Same page?” 

Anyway, this week we get into the trip to the Berkshires. All in all, I really enjoyed the weekend with the ladies up at our Berkshire nest. As I write this blog, I am sitting at the kitchen table looking out at the mountains watching Jax and Ella play in the yard. It is truly a tranquil, lovely, and most of all, relaxing place away from the busy life we all lead. For my family and me it's a place full of memories, get-togethers, activities, and laughter, and I hate to even defend its value to Ramona, who is acting like a pretentious brat and quite frankly, is being ridiculous. There is almost nothing worse to me than elitist behavior. That and foul ignorance (but more on that later).

What's funny is Ramona is painting a lifestyle that is seemingly much grander than what it really is...let’s be honest. And seriously?! Mud pies!? Panic attack? I don't think so, and I broke it down for her: if you wanted to leave early, (which she had planned all along), just say so! I could have cared less. In fact, we had more fun after she flew away! Flying away from the problem is instinctual for Ramona after all. She drops a bomb and runs for cover. It's the same pattern again and again; she can’t deal with the absolute truth and changes the subject when she doesn't like the subject at hand... And she is doing it again with Andy when he tries to bring up the Mario situation, but Lu's not really havin’ that! But enough about Singer... Unlike a great workout, she is exhausting but for all the wrong reasons!