Heather Thomson

Heather attempts to remember the name of Aviva's friend and reaches her limits with Aviva's pattern of behavior.

on Apr 1

What a weekend and it is not over yet!

This episode of RHONY takes our group out of the city, and out to the Hamptons! The summer before Jon and I moved in together, we had a great "Hamptons Share" house with some friends. We decided if we could survive a summer share, moving in together for real and not just the weekends would be a legitimate next step. We both have many memories of good times and dear friends out East. Although the Berkshires gives us more of the weekend lifestyle we prefer, we always make sure to get out to the Hamptons as a family during the summer to spend time there and enjoy our friends.

For those of you who don't know, The Hamptons are beautiful! The beaches there are among some of the most beautiful in the world. The Hamptons have this fabulous and glamorous side, and it is very real. It is like being on the set of a movie with gorgeous mansions and expensive cars everywhere you look, but too much Botox for anyone to take it seriously. I do get a real kick out of it though. I love the Hamptons. I so appreciate the beaches, the beauty, and the local businesses that help to make it great and all of my friends and family who hang out there. If you've never been you must put a Hamptons trip on your bucket list.

Carole, Kristen and I decide that a little adventure and exercise before we headed to Sonja's "Caber-lesque" charity event later would be great, and Carole told us she knows of these hot surfing instructors. OK! So off we go. . .

Surfing lesson on Montauk Point for the three of us! So fun! Kristen has tried it with Josh before on the West Coast, but neither Carole nor I have ever stood on a board. Basking in the sun on the soft sand, walking up to the long boards, and then being coached on how not to get impaled. OMG! A bit of a reality check, but our instructors, Shane and Charlie, they were the real sights to see! I knew we were in good hands. These guys can really rock a wave, and I just loved watching Carole get her flirt on! Holla! She deserves the distraction! She is going to see Aviva tonight and I love to see her light and laughing after the false accusations Aviva has been throwing at her and spreading in the media. It's awful and it's a pattern with Aviva, so I am happy to see Radz is not losing sight on what's important.