Heather Thomson

Heather believes that Ramona is once a s--- stirrer, always a s--- stirrer, but she tries to focus on what's really important: her anniversary.

on Apr 15

Drinks with Aviva -- right out of the gate, she wants to set ground rules. After last week I am not happy I lost my temper. However, I know myself and can't promise not to swear in a conversation of this nature. I do need to work on that but this is not the time. We are both arch and ready to attack. Maybe I am programmed this way because I now have so much experience with Aviva and her tactics and know I am next in line.

The idea that Aviva thinks a comparison with the late Anna Nicole Smith, (R.I.P) and Sonja is a compliment just shows how different we think. To me it is outrageous, even egregious. As glamorous as Anna Nicole was, her alleged addictions drove her to the grave too soon -- not cool Aviva! It also wasn't cool that Aviva twisted my words around to make it sound like I don't appreciate stay-at-home moms, which is typical Aviva. REWIND girl! I said nothing in reference to mothers at all. I don't name drop. My career includes working for well-known people who have greatly impacted my life and just so happen to be famous. It's always a tit-for-tat with Aviva and yet again, instead of taking any responsibility for her actions she tries to turn it around to support her negative argument, just like she did with Carole.

I said nothing about working mothers vs. stay-at-home moms. What I did say is that Aviva doesn’t respect the careers people build, or the people that have built them. After two glasses of wine and several lipstick applications, I come to the conclusion that only one thing that truly matters remains: Do Aviva and I care enough about one another to try to move ahead? I have said it and I mean it -- I do not hate Aviva, but I do hate her behavior. I met and grew to care about a person who is of value, but that person doesn't come out much anymore. Come on Aviva. . .be honest, be real, and then we can have fun!