Heather Thomson

Heather talks about her love for Saratoga, losing Sonja, and why she's glad Kristen stepped in to the fight.

on Jun 3

Back in the saddle again!

George is back in the -- ahem -- marriage saddle, Sonja is back on a bicycle saddle, and some of the girls are headed to watch the jockey's saddle up and to win some muwlahhh at the Saratoga Raceway! Straight up to the track baby!

Because it's all about the Benjamins, after all!!

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in Saratoga, whether I was competing in high-school athletics, carpooling in caravans with my friends to see our favorite 80s bands rock SPAC, (The Saratoga Performing Arts Center), or to drink beers in the outdoor space there kicking off festivals like Lollapalooza -- or, of course, to learn and test our skills and young luck at the racetrack. I learned to get my gamble on with my big sister Sherry (who lived in Albany at the time) and a good gaggle of her friends who taught me a thing or two about betting. And the secret that I discovered is that mostly. . .it's pure luck! Saratoga is a destination booming with fun and no matter what I am doing when I'm up north, win, lose, draw, or to rock out and party down, Saratoga has always shown me a good time! So, when Lu-Lu suggested we all go for a fun weekend getaway and a day at the track I was signed, sealed, and delivered! Sonja was too and she also knows it quite well, but her experience was from a different perspective than mine. Sonja knew all about the track, where to see and be seen, how to bet, and where to go after the race is complete. But I was more interested in a fun dress up day, testing my learned skills at our luck, and just hangin' out with a few of my closest girls, taking in the thrill and all there is to see!

Radzi and I were the ring leaders in our mini betters circle at The Saratoga Racetrack and that's a bold and mighty HOLLA right there! We were clearly great team leaders! LOL! Hooray! Can you believe we won!?! You can't make that sh-- up, or turn up the volume, or pretend to be someone you are not -- not at the track. The horses don't lie! Nor do the betting gods!