Heather Thomson

Heather reflects on Ramona's wine throwing and master planning -- and defends her Black House and the Berkshires in general.

on May 6

I do believe in Sonja Morgan. I think Sonja is a beautiful, witty, and dynamic woman trying to find her way through what has proven to be a traumatic divorce and a lawsuit against her company, Sonja Productions. But Sonja's real problem is that she has more contacts and opportunities then she knows what to do with and although she feels focused, it's hard to be with everything on her plate.

Josh Taekman is a great guy and one of the greatest friends you can have. He is also pretty smart. He's a good businessman and a great marketer. And, he cuts to the chase. He is not one to dance in dreams. Josh is a guy that looks at a business straight-on and tackles the issues -- which is what he's trying to do with Sonja. Sonja squandered away the free opportunity I gave her with an award winning branding guy, myself, and a fantastic photographer -- she didn't get it. I was thrilled to see, however, that she took my advice about having an umbrella brand. The thing is, that establishing your umbrella first --before opening it up to allow for other things to fall under its cover is key, and this is the point Josh is trying to get across.

I always include my single girlfriends in my life, and it's quite rare for me to host a "couple's dinner," but I thought it would be nice to thank the guys for letting me steal their girls away for the weekend. But here comes Ramona! She shows up with an un-announced guest! I am not a stickler for the rules, but geez! I certainly didn't mean to make Joey feel uncomfortable, because he did get an invitation, but it was from Ramona and not me, (the host!). Joey was charming and wonderful and I did enjoy meeting him, (you'll actually see more of him again soon), but it's just plain rude to show up at a private dinner party someone is hosting with an additional guest that wasn't invited or at all expected. Ugh. Ramona, why do I even bother?