Kristen Taekman

Kristen wants to know why Ramona can throw wine on her, but she can't throw wine at Ramona.

on Apr 29

It was a great idea to have us all try and let loose and relax at a spa. (Impossible for us all, but great idea). Ramona walked in with a perfect blow out -- so bizarre, at a spa? Funny that Ramona kept talking about knowing Ben's mother? Ramona is out to get me. She keeps pushing me. I am not taking her bait. I think it's irritating her even more that I am not freaking out back at her. I have a calm and rational way of dealing with her and I am getting the feeling that that's new to her. Not cool to throw anything at anyone. Ohhhhh, she was mad when I messed up her hair!?! Why can she throw wine at me and it's not OK for me to throw it back?? #staytuned