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Kristen: I Took It Out on Heather

Kristen apologizes for not defending Jonathan and for taking it all out on Heather on the "best worst trip" of her life.

I was soooo upset! Ugh I lost it on Heather and needed out ASAP! I stormed out of those damn woods. . .and cried like a little baby. I needed it. I was on an emotional roller coaster after the repelling. I was exhausted from the late nights and early mornings and all of that damn drinking! I was getting beat down by all of the woman commenting on being a sh-- hostess. And well. . .the new girl lost it in the woods. Yup lost it. It was like a pressure cooker and I exploded and I took it out on Heather -- and looked a little crazy. Oops sorry, Heather, my bad.

OMG! Look at Ramona taking over hosting duties for me. She was actually taking my side on some things, and at same time making snide remarks about me every chance she could get. The best part -- she did it all with wet hair and no blow dry! Ha. Well, she has come a long way. Baby steps. . .

I was so happy that Carole came into the bathroom to check on me. I just neded to vent. Carole is so calm and understanding, and I was being a #crybaby

Glamping: This whole place was just so gorgeous and beautiful! Just a bummer that I had a crazy knot in my stomach over the argument with Heather. I hated every minute of not talking to Heather. This whole thing was so hard for me. She was pissing me off and I told her so. I told you I am not one to keep things in.

Gosh Ramona just always ragging on me. She knew I was upset from before. I get it,  I am a shi--host. And here you feel the need to continuously rag on me. At this point I don't even care about what she is saying to me, and I definitely don't have the energy to defend myself!

One minute Ramona is a total biatch and the next my only ally. I could not believe that she came to check on me! At that point I was happy who ever it was. Ugh NOT OK what she said about Jonathan.. I feel horrible that I didn’t defend him. I was so mad at the time that I wasn’t thinking straight. That was not nice at all because Jonathan is such a great guy on all fronts.

The Rodeo: Wow. Ssuch a cool experience! We were a bit over dressed for the crowd, but hey, that's what we like to do! Lu and I in the port-a-potty! #priceless #countessinaportapotty How funny. 

Chuck Wagon: Beautiful way to end the trip. Gorgeous setting delicious food, and a bunch of cowboys! Inviting a bunch of people was the best bet for this night. No more alone time for us ladies!

The hatchet throwing was hilarious. WOW! And go figure Heather nails it first throw. She is unbelievable!

Fighting or arguing with someone just sucks and when it is a friend it just makes it worse. I am happy that Heather and I were able to make up. I know now that I was projecting and that I really took all my frustration out on Heather. I felt so bad watching the episode because I was so mean to Heather. I am just so fortunate to have her as a friend and how supportive she was. Also sorry for not defending Jonathan.

All in all, Montana was the best worst trip of my life. Ha ha, no if you get a chance -- go. It's wonderful!!!

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