Kristen Taekman

Kristen Taekman sounds off on Ramona Singer's responses about the Berkshires and her status with Mario.

on Aug 5

Where do I begin? Being there and watching it all back is a very different experience. Seeing all of the girls' facial expressions was interesting where many times that I thought I was alone and feeling a certain way, I was happy to see that I was not the only one rolling my eyes! Ha!

Sonja is really getting the brunt of the this reunion so far. Many of you have called me a "bully" for voicing my opinion about Sonja. I LOVE Sonja, I do... She is extremely smart, successful, beautiful, witty, and I could go on and on. However she is straight up delusional about the state of her businesses and the number of people she claims she employs? It is none of my business, but when you talk about it on the show and then it comes up on the reunion, then you need to be held accountable for the facts. Like most of you, I am sure you want to know more about all these businesses, and new businesses, and businesses on top of the businesses... I know we all want the best for Sonja, and she is more than capable of promoting and marketing any business. But after you hear her continue to talk about these ventures and when you drill down and say, "Sonja, where can I go buy any one of these products? Where do they sell them? When is the official launch date?" You start to get a lot of mumbo jumbo for a response from her. Let’s just say we are all very excited to go the official launch of any one of these businesses, and I will be the first person to buy any one of her products the day they are available.

The interns... Calling them volunteers is very funny. It's wonderful that she has the team she has, and they all seem to love being part of Team Sonja. I am slowly learning that being a Housewife is a full time job. 

Bookgate... Ugh, this went back and fourth. Andy finally just had to cut this topic off and move on. The whole thing is ridiculous. I think Aviva just needs to clear the air, regardless of the infamous "word on the street," and apologize to Carole for saying she had a ghost writer!