Kristen Taekman

Kristen discusses the breakthroughs in her marriage with Josh and what plastic surgery she's OK with.

on Jul 8

Dinner with Heather and Jonathan. I am so happy that Heather and I were able to hash it out and that she accepted my apology. Looking back at this fight was very hard. It sucks arguing with a good friend, but I feel that we have come full circle -- and it was great that our husbands could be in on it.

I feel like I am airing a bunch of dirty laundry at this dinner with the Josh as I talk about moving back to NY from LA, etc., but, well, it came up and it's on my mind. I wanted Heather to understand that I am very supportive, but it just reaches a point where you want to feel that same support on the other end. Work is work.

Dr. Giese's Office: Light, tight, and right. I agree Miss Morgan 100 percent: who would have thought that I would be friendly with Ramona at this point? Right? Wow. Boobs and Botox -- that's the extent of it for me!

Making dinner for Josh: We decided on a date night. I said I would cook, and I did. Josh got stuck at work and didn't call. He had a really bad conference call -- I get it. I just want a head's up. When I make the effort, I want my husband to do the same. Did you notice how when I hung up on Josh I snapped at our kid? Ugh not cool.

Anybody want to come over for dinner? Doesn't it look like it would be yummy? Ha! But at least I made the effort, and for Josh to see that it was like therapy for him. He really opened his eyes to how important it is to communicate, to be respectful of my efforts, and to find a better way to handle all the stress from work.