Kristen Taekman

Kristen wants Ramona to know that she's sorry for what happened in her past -- but that it's no excuse for how she behaved.

on May 13

Where do I start?

Who knew Lu was a nurse? Thank goodness for Lu. I have to say I felt a lot better knowing her credentials.

Ramona kept saying it was not her intention to hit/cut me with a wine glass. . .I'm curious what exactly was your intention when you threw that glass at my face it was much more than a knee-jerk reaction? I would LOVE to know. Almost a year later, I am still wondering???

I certainly did not provoke her to hurt me -- that was not MY intention. I was trying to be playful and have fun with "friends" in a lake, surrounded by water on a hot day and I splashed her, and she threw a glass at my face and cut me.

BTW last time I checked water is not a sharp object! And did you notice Sonja and Carole also got wet and they didn't even flinch or have any type of knee-jerk reaction.

I want you all to know, including Ramona, that I am terribly sorry for what has happened in her past and in her childhood and any issues she has with her mom and dad. I also want you all to know that it is not OK to use that as an excuse for bad or violent behavior. . . She clearly needs therapy. She has got some major issues that need to be worked out.