LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn thinks Ramona is a real piece of work -- and thinks Sonja has started believing her own stories.

on Aug 7

So happy its Reunion time and I get to talk about the "reality" of whats been happening of late with the ladies! Just wait till you see Part 3. Hang onto your seat belts and buckle up!

I think Aviva was honest about only having one nanny! I've been to her home on numerous occasions. Aviva does like to entertain, so she brings in help when she needs to. Who cares how many nanny's she has anyway?

I don't think Carole and Aviva will ever be friends. They just rub each other the wrong way. I think Aviva went too far with her accusations. Carole takes her career seriously, and so she should. I have no doubt at this point that Carole wrote her book and so did Aviva and her "village."

Ramona never ceases to amaze me, her level of crassness and rudeness are beyond! Heather's home in the Berkshire's is lovely! Who is Ramona to judge people by where they live? It's so untrue that the Berkshires is for people with less money. I don't even know where she comes up with this bullsh--! Like they say "ignorance is bliss."

I don't know why Ramona even bothered to come to the Berkshires. She complained the whole time and then bailed for a bash in the Hamptons. She totally set up that plane beforehand and knew the entire time that she would leave. Then she tried to cry her way out .REALLY?!? Acting 101.