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LuAnn: Ramona Has Picked Her Target

LuAnn doesn't think a leopard can change his spots -- and that Ramona should have been smart enough to not get photographed.

The Berkshires will never be the same after the Ramonacoaster! I don't think Kristen was pushing Ramona. I just think she was having fun and picked the wrong day to mess with Ramona's hair. Surely Ramona was provoked, and it doesn't take much to set her off. Even if you get splashed it doesn't give you the right to throw a glass at anyones face. Major faux pas!

I've witnessed Ramona go from 0 to 60 on more that one occasion for sure. Who will ever forget her reaction to Heather when she first came onto the scene. When Ramona picks a target, the arrows come flying from all directions! She's done some pretty awful things to most of us in the past and I don't think you can ever change a leopard's spots!

The verdict on chucking things at peoples faces is definitely NOT CLASSY!

I think Ramona was so unhappy with us in the Berkshires she would of used any excuse to get out of dodge! I have to say in Ramona's defense, I hate to be splashed, but the punishment didn't fit the crime.

I think Heather is right, a little wine always makes you feel better and ice just makes the swelling go down. Kristen's face is her livelihood and its no joke!

I don't think Ramona's apology was sincere in the least. She felt bad about it, that's for sure, but Ramona has a hard time being sincere to people she doesn't really care about. It was obvious this was the case. I think her friend plate is full.

If Ramona had done that to me, I would have had a hard time accepting an apology -- let alone one that wasn't sincere.

Who knew? There are Elvis impersonators in the Berkshires! I had no idea when the car pulled up the the King would roll out. . .and boy did he roll! I had no idea how infatuated Kristen is with Elvis. It was fun to see her so excited, and, as bad as he was, I enjoyed watching Kristen eat it up!

I don't think Ramona would go to therapy because I don't think she realizes her behavior is not normal. I guess thats what makes her Ramona.

I felt bad for Austin, he was clearly not excited by Sonja's advances. I love to watch Sonja flirt -- but not this time. He's just too young. My son and daughter are almost his age, so it made me sick to my stomach! I much prefer Sonja flirting with Carole. LOL

I knew when I saw Ramona packing she was out! I was not surprised she showed up in the Hamptons. I was surprised she was not smart enough not to be photographed!

More Berkshire adventures coming up! Bisous to you all and let the fun times continue! FYI I love the Berkshires and Heather is a great hostess.

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