LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn sets the record straight about Harry and is shocked that Aviva would put her dirty shoe next to clean silverware.

on Jul 22

It's the last episode and so it's time to clear the air about what's happening between myself and Sonja. I always considered Sonja a dear friend but as you can see she obviously thinks I'm the shedevil. I'm not surprised as she needs someone to blame, so guess that's going to be me?  Well guess what. . .it's not me!

She only has herself to blame. I've only been a good friend to her and look where it got me.

I had no idea when I arrived at Sonja's that she had thrown me under the bus once again. This time is was about leaving Carole's party with Harry. I didn't leave the party with Harry. I left with all the ladies and Harry jumped in our cab. He ran away from Sonja and she tried to run after him and that's why she twisted her ankle. Poor girl!

I think you can see when Sonja confronts me and I tell her the truth that she bounces back quite quickly because her relationship with Harry is not a true one. It's more of a convenient friendship, which has been going on for years. I don't know what game the two of them are playing but I don't want to sit at the card table. When Sonja finally confronts Harry he says, "I wish I left with LuAnn." Thats says it all!

Kristen and Josh are working on their relationship and that's great! I admire people who want to make things work and stick it out! It's so hard sometimes. . .but in the end, when you have a family, it's worth all the time you've put in. I like them together, so I hope they stay together.

Heather and John are an inspiration to anyone that's ever had children. To watch them and what they go through is just so heart breaking. I know because I've had them stay with me in the Hamptons with the kids and the routine they have to go through each night with Jax is a lengthy one. Jax and Ella are the most adorable children you will ever meet and I pray that things go smoother for Jax so he can enjoy his childhood. What a pleasure it would be to see Heather and John breath a sigh of relief.