LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn tries to keep the fighting to a minimum at her Hamptons beach house. But when she can't calm the ladies down, she's pours herself some champagne instead.

on Apr 1

Big surf and hunky instructors, burlesque, BBQ and battles. . .This episode had it all (and I'm glad to be back in the action). The show opens with Carole saying that she's not a "Hamptons Girl" as she's driving out to spend a fun-filled weekend at the beach. I fell in love with the Hamptons the first time I visited, and I get out to my home there as much as I can. If this makes me a "Hamptons Girl," I'll proudly wear the moniker. Carole looked like she fit right in as an "HG," flirting with the hot Israeli surfer!

I had fun at Sonja's "Caber-lesque" and I think it's great that she sold hundreds of tickets to support LGBT youth. Her $12.99 outfit worked pretty well until the "wardrobe malfunction" (you get what you pay for) but this just added to the fun. Sonja's very brave to throw herself out there like she does, and while parts of her monologue were cringe-inducing in a good way, she made me LAUGH.

I had a chance to meet Kristen before the show, and I found her to be charming and beautiful. It was nice to see eye-to-eye with another Housewife! As for her opinion on Harry Dubin’s hotness (or not-ness), beauty is in the eye of beholder, and Harry, like George Clooney, doesn't have any problem charming the ladies.