LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn tries to keep the fighting to a minimum at her Hamptons beach house. But when she can't calm the ladies down, she's pours herself some champagne instead.

on Apr 1

What's going on with Aviva's image consultant "Amanda" and why does she need to bring her everywhere? Seriously, if Aviva's trying to stay out of trouble, Amanda's the wrong choice for a wingman. We were there to support Sonja regardless of how we felt about her performance and Amanda's comments were way out-of-line, especially with people she barely knows! Her blurting out, "That’s what menopause looks like," was very rude and I say if this is what it looks like, then women shouldn't be so afraid! Sonja looks great for her age.

When Heather greeted me at Sonja's show, she purposely avoided Aviva, and maybe that was a smart choice after their most recent interactions. When I said to Aviva that Carole is not a "girls" kind of girl, I meant that sometimes Carole isn't as supportive of her girlfriends as she should be. A "girls" kind of girl likes to hang out and have fun with her female friends, and she believes in girl-power. I don't know if Sonja put Aviva next to Carole or if one of her college interns did so without knowing their history.

As for Sonja's boyfriend Ben, he seems mature for his age and he was sweetly supportive of her that night, so I'm giving him the thumbs up for now.

A party is never boring when you invite the Housewives!

I planned a summer BBQ for the girls hoping that the laid-back atmosphere of my home would help foster friendships. So it meant a lot to me that Carole apologized, and considering our history, this tete-a-tete was long overdue. After my chat with Carole, I thought the evening was going pretty well. . .then all hell broke loose! Things started getting weird when Sonja and Aviva sealed it with a kiss. . .I'm glad Carole is more of a talker than a kisser!

As the "conversation" became more and more heated, Kristen tried to calm the girls down but she couldn't get a word in edgewise, and neither could I. As you can see, I tried to deescalate the situation by offering dessert and suggesting that the girls talk it out in different rooms. When it became apparent that nothing in my bag of hostess tricks was going to work, I gave up and poured myself a glass of champagne. Cheers!