Cast Blog: #RHONY

The Countess: "Welcome Back My Friends!"

LuAnn de Lesseps is back to talk Ramotional moments and weighs in on Sonja Morgan's hosting etiquette. 

Welcome back my friends! I can’t believe it’s Season 6 of #RHONY and I’m still here with you to celebrate another Premiere. Even though I’m not on the first couple of episodes, you’ll see me very soon. This Season is exciting with the addition of a new Housewife, new adventures (think roughing it with cowboys), and more of the Housewifely drama that you’ve come to know and love! Since we were last together, my life has gone through some changes, including sending my daughter off to a top art school and watching my son grow into an confident young man as he finishes up high school in the city. I hope you will join me here each week, as I share my insights into everything RHONY.

Sonja seems to be enjoying her dating life and I think it’s great that she’s dating a range of men, some younger and some older. I hope that she finds true love, but along the way she’s sure to have a lot of fun. Her 23-year-old date in this episode was a little on the young side even for Sonja!

Oftentimes, it’s better to keep a difficult person at arm's length so that they can’t hurt you. Some of the ladies think that they should distance themselves from Aviva after her mean-spirited behavior last Season, and I can see why. She can be charming, but the way her personality turns ugly can be off-putting. Each Housewife will have to make her own decision on whether to be friends with Aviva or not.

Ramona is fairly consistent in her erratic behavior. I've come to know what will set her off and how she will react to certain situations. She gets "Ramotional" at times but we all know that this is part of her personality. I don't know if Aviva will be able get her back on her good side. I thought that Ramona was clear with Aviva that her feelings were hurt last Season. It’s going to take a lot of charm to pierce through Ramona's steely resolve.

Carole is a journalist and author with a lot of writing experience and she could be helpful to any aspiring author. I thought it was a bit presumptuous for Aviva to ask Carole to edit as a favor. It's like asking your doctor neighbor if he would comp your heart surgery just because you know each other! I don't think Carole working with Aviva is a good idea because there seemed to be friction between the two already.

My first impression of Kristen is that she can hold her own with these women. She is from good Connecticut Yankee stock! Not so sure I love her tag line though because she’s seems pretty smart and confident to me. Although Kristen is beautiful, I hope she focuses more on her wit than her hair.

Sonja put on a lovely tea for the ladies, although I found her food placement puzzling. Instead of loading up the coffee table with sandwiches, she should have placed the food on another table and left space for the women to put down their champagne glasses and plates. Sonja is a generous hostess who loves to entertain. . .she just needs a little logistical help (and plates)! Kristen's insight into Ramona and Sonja’s relationship was spot on when she commented, "If this is how the two of them are with friends, I do not want to be their enemy." I told you there was more to Kristen than just beauty!

I give Ramona credit for agreeing to meet Aviva for drinks after how Aviva treated her last season. It shows that Ramona is making an effort to forgive. As for Aviva doing tequila shots to lighten up the mood, I say, "Why not?" I hope that this détente will not be short lived because both women have strong personalities and they aren't afraid of conflict or show their emotions. Maybe they will give peace a chance? Until next week, bisous!

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Bethenny: There Is Definitely Smoke and Mirrors

Bethenny explains why she was worried after seeing Sonja's fashion presentation.

Well, my bar is set very low. If I'm not crying or ripping someone a new one, I breathe a sigh of relief. Let's enjoy that while it lasts. This episode was a good one for me.

Aaaah Sonja. The truth is I love her. There are times during this season that that will be difficult to believe, but I simply do. Some people are cunning and have a malicious or shifty or disingenuous side. Sonja has none of that. She is a good person. She is just often misguided and misdirected. Many of us are. Reminder: I have a book called I Suck At Relationships, so we all suck at some things.

I loved lunch at Il Mulino, because I love to laugh and Sonja makes me giggle. I also very much appreciate her honesty. You guys are all very smart and you will be able to tell who is real and who is trying to create a persona. Sonja allows herself to be messy; that is to be respected in its own way.

I didn't want to give unsolicited advice, and, this season, I walk a slippery slope. I’m damned if I do anything in the way of business advice. Whether it’s positive or negative advice, it will appear that I'm better than and an expert, and that's simply not how I view myself. I have a lot of experience: I'm in the trenches, and I keep learning and making mistakes every day. Sonja doesn't have that experience, and, for her to succeed, she needs to get focused and start absorbing more information (that's how I learned-- mouth shut and ears open). Business is hard, and she needs to learn what it really takes to focus on one thing and see it to the finish line. "Accessible luxury" is a start. And--no--she doesn't owe me a car.

As for her fashion meeting, I think she front-loaded that staff for effect. I will bet everything that I hope to be that not one of those people is on salary. I happen to have an international brand and barely have that many people with those fancy titles, so there is definitely smoke and mirrors there.

That said, the boards looked great, and Sonja does have people working with her. I am betting on Sonja! It is a marathon, and I want her to succeed all the way through. There are many steps along the way. She has great taste, I loved what I saw, and I am genuinely here to support her. All she needs to do is focus, focus, focus. If she isn't putting up her own money, which she isn't, then no harm, no foul (time and reputation aside).

The timeline worried me. This meeting was in November--launch would be now (like six months away), and it made me nervous knowing they could not yet disclose retailers. Fashion is its own beast. I do have a Skinnygirl Shapewear and lounge wear line, yet I deferred to Heather as more of an expert in this area. Heather has way more fashion experience. I'm not sure why she decided to fire a random shot at me for going to the meeting. Maybe it was payback for my nap last week during our dinner conversation. In any case, it doesn't matter whether you're selling toothpaste or tractors, business is business, and business I know and understand. Sonja was smart to ask for my advice. There will be more to come on this.

As for the other ladies, Kristen has a fashion blog. Congrats on that!

The night out at World Bar was a little grating, and I was glad to not be there, getting myself in trouble. The yammering on from Ramona about Sonja not saying hi was reminiscent of past seasons--hashing and rehashing something completely inconsequential to fill up the airwaves. Check please.

As far as John goes, walk away. Big deal--he is touchy feely. If he were 6' 2" and chiseled, no one would care. It really isn't that big of a deal. There are a lot of guys who have a cocktail and don't understand personal space. There are women in our group who have this issue, too. His girlfriend was two feet away.

While I wouldn't want my boyfriend behaving like that, and while he may not be ultimately right for Dorinda, she knows who he is, and I don't think it is a massive big deal. A little icky? Yes. World Bar World War 3? No.
I Suck at Relationships:

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