Ramona Singer

Ramona is shocked that the fight she was trying to prevent escalated so quickly and reflects on life without Avery.

on Mar 25

Wow. We pick up right where we left off with all of this craziness! I was quite surprised that when Carole decided to speak with Aviva is turned into the full blown argument that it did. I have never heard Carole yell like that before! I was so shocked that I did not even want to enter that room. It was time to leave.

I was not trying to "stir the pot" when I approached Carole about what Aviva was saying. My intention was -- if we get it out in the open now, it won't blow up! Let's just squash it early! I had no idea what it was going to become.

Heather has grown really close to Carole. Carole does not have a lot of family around, so Heather has become really protective over her. I was not surprised to see her defend Carole. Heather clearly felt that she needed to supply some extra strength and fortitude in that situation.