Ramona Singer

Ramona explains why she left the trip, why she didn't tell Sonja, and why she barely apologized to Kristen.

on May 13

When Heather invited us all to the Berkshires, my first reaction was I did not want to go. The Berkshires is very similar to where I grew up. I do not have fond memories of my childhood there.

It was only because Heather and I had gotten closer that I agreed to go against my better judgement. I always spend the weekends with my family in the Hamptons, which bring me much joy and happiness. We go there not only during the summer, but it's also where we celebrate all our holidays.

Once I got on the lake and in the canoe, I became very relaxed. I was really enjoying the scenery, the calmness, and the environment-- much to my surprise. I was actually feeling happy that I came. When Kristen splashed me, it did not feel playful. I reacted by throwing the plastic glass. Never in a million years did I expect it to hit her body -- let alone her face.

But the bottom line is, I should have never thrown it. It was totally un-ladylike and improper. After this incident happened I was shocked and in disbelief at my own behavior. The last time I threw something was at my father as a teenager.