Ramona Singer

Ramona loves Sonja's imitation 'do, doesn't love Avery going off to college, and is full of mixed Ramotional feelings about Aviva.

on Mar 11

Dear all! I can't believe we are finally back on air!!!!

It has been way too long and please complain to @Andy about that so it does not happen again. LOL! I think the wait will be worth it for all of you viewers.

I could not believe the event would be a party that Aviva would be attending! I had not spoken to Aviva since the reunion. Yes, I would run into her at different events and parties. I'd nod my head, say a quick hello, and walk the other way.

When Heather told me Aviva would be attending I felt I had to grin and bear it. Never in a thousand years did I expect her to come over to me and start a conversation. Why was Aviva not getting that yes I accepted her apology -- but I just could not accept her as a friend based upon traits in her character?

I adore Sonja and I kept looking at her hair realizing she got, as Oscar Blandi calls it, "The Ramona Cut." I have been curling my hair most of this season, so unless it's straight you don't notice that Sonja and I have the exact same cut. Imitation is the sincerest flattery, and if anyone was to copy me let it be Sonja.