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Ramona on Getting The Truth From Miss USA

Ramona was shocked by Aviva's text message at LuAnn's lunch, and had a feeling George was not being honest.

I was so impressed with Avery's driving. I never could have driven the way she did at her age in NYC. The most unbelievable thing was how she properly parallel parked fon her first try!!! I failed my first driving test as I could not parallel park. LOL.

Avery shopping for college was a reality check. How did this happen so fast? Where did the years go? I don't think a mom is ever ready for their child to go off to college. It's a realization that things are changing in a big way with your child. It's their passage into adulthood. I was amused by Avery's analogy that going off to college was like going off to camp, as I looked at it from an entirely different perspective.

LuAnn did a very nice job at the charity lunch. I was quite shocked by what the text said that Heather handed over to me. I was surprised that Heather did this and even more so when Aviva said it was true. Something made me feel like George was not telling the truth. I had met Miss USA before and always thought highly of her. I decided I did not want this rumor to continue on and decided to ask her if she stayed there. Obviously by her answers, we now know George was not telling the truth. It was all fabricated.

I was suprised with all the tidbits of gossip the facialist was divulging I can't believe she would repeat things she heard to her clients about themselves and their friends. It did not seem very professional to me and I must say I have never experienced that, thank goodness. What is one to do with that kind of information and how do you respond?!?

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