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Ramona: Water and Champagne Are Both Wet

Ramona thinks throwing champagne on Kristen was "just playful" and defends her conversation about Ben.

Everyone has been concerned about Sonja. Everyone sees the stress she is under, and looks to me for the answers. I wasn't trying to be mean or rude when I spoke about Sonja to Carole and LuAnn. I wanted to share the nature of the stress Sonja was feeling and how I felt it was effecting her. I hoped once they understood the situation they could be more supportive and understanding. Sonja holds things in a lot, and it's her nature to always be positive. I felt it was important to share with LuAnn and Carole what actually was going on in Sonja's life

I, too, read the book The Secret. I was following their rules on my own before I even read the book, and then it helped me even more.

But sometimes all the positive thoughts in the world won't change a situation, and I just wanted Sonja to be prepared. I respect the idea she is focused on what she wants from life and that she doesn't live in fear. I truly believe positive thoughts create positive thoughts, too. What you put out in the universe will come to you.

Dinner time has always been very special for us as a family. I enjoyed watching Aviva with her family as the dinner table. Before Avery went to college, we would have family dinners four times a week. It's important to have discussions and catch up around the dinner table.

I never called Ben's mother. A friend of Ben's mother called me and asked if it was true that Sonja is dating Ben. I said: "Yes, Sonja is dating Ben." I also asked him what kind of guy Ben was. That was the entire conversation. Sonja flipped out on me over this. It was totally innocent on my end and I wasn't looking to create a problem for her.

Kristen was in the water in a bathing suit at the spa! I got so annoyed when she was adding her comments of what she felt what was going on between Sonja and I. I said, "Why are you adding fuel to the fire Kristen? Kristen I am putting out the fire!" and I tossed my champagne, which is wet, into the water she was in, which is wet.

Then Kristen proceeded to get my hair wet, which I just had done, annoying me further. To me, if I am in a pool of water and someone tosses wine or champagne at me it is more playful than mean.

Getting my freshly styled hair wet when you know I am going to an event is below the belt

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