Ramona Would Like to Never See George Again

Ramona regrets tuning Sonja out about Cody, but still can't believe what George said to her.

I really thought Cody seemed very nice. When Sonja told me Cody had no parents, that was all I heard. I never took in that Sonja said I should not mention Cody's parents to her or speak about them. I had tuned Sonja out, and I must say I regret that.

I had no clue that Cody would react and be so upset when I said she had no parents because I did not listen to Sonja's entire conversation to me. It was never my intention to upset or hurt her.

At Aviva's home I also told her how sorry I was that I upset Cody. I was quite shocked when George walked in. The conversation we had was shocking, to say the least. If I I never see George again, it would be too soon

I don't know why the ladies all left Sonja at the race track. Sonja is very social and knows lots of people, and I am sure she was making great connections and having fun and wanted her friends to join her. They really should of been looking for her.

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