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Sonja is more worried about Aviva's ghostly complexion than her ghostwriter, talks teeth, and swears Ramonja is over the Aviva drama.

on Apr 9

Aviva said it was her friend's idea to play with the machine, but it' nobodys fault. I would definitely blame someone for some long time, but they were kids. It would have been easy to panic and not turn the machine off, even if you were an adult. When my daughter fell in the pool at 18 months old, everyone around her panicked and I had to calmly walk into the pool and take her out, making sure not to harm myself so I could save her. And one of those people was a trained professional caregiver! The other was my ex-husband. I know firsthand that people panic. I think I don't panic because I always imagine the worst happening in every situation, so when it does I know exactly what I'm going to do! You know what they say: "Imagine the best but be prepared for the worst."

Aviva has a healthy attitude in this situation. This accident makes Aviva who she is to other people, and gives her the experience to share and help others through their pain. I see Aviva's face after going back to the scene of the accident and it is so different. The relief is evident.

When it comes to blemishes you have you use a needle. Never squeeze! I have to admit when it comes to the interns, it's a little bit TMI. But they are at that age where they really need to know these things! I don't want them to make the same mistakes I made. It really pains me to see a good-looking kid with a pockmarked face from squeezing. I have a 13-year-old daughter myself, and I'm telling her this very same thing. Using a sterile needle rather than squeezing (because you can't wait for it to dry up on its own or go to a dermatologist) means the difference between a clear face at 50 years old when your skin starts to thin and a mess.

Carole looked amazing as the Queen Mermaid. I love the Ya-Ya sisterhood that Carole put together for us on the beach and the wonderful affirmations she wrote for us after a long day reigning as Queen. Aviva may says she's not a well wisher -- but I can tell you she's always been very supportive of me and has inspired me to be brave, creative, and to forge ahead with my art.

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