Sonja Morgan

Sonja can see both sides of this book battle, and has an important question: doesn't everyone Sharpie their bags?

on Mar 18

Carole meets Aviva to talk booksoup and oh my, here goes Aviva again with the awkward, nervous comments. I almost died when she took out the eye glasses. I know she wanted to compliment Carole by buying the same glasses as her, but we saw Carole's reaction last year when LuAnn mimicked her style in London. Carole said, "The bitch stole my look!" She didn't take it as flattery, and now her book. LOL. She says the best flattery is flattery! I am definitely going to use that line. I have stolen other lines of Carole's so why not? I'm also guilty of copying her!

Carole's a professional writer and says that's all she has. We know she is much more than a writer, she is one cool cat. But for Carole, her books are a major part of her identity. It's not something she does on the side. It's her THING.

Aviva writes her memoir as a way to help others with their pain and to get over her own. I know when I perform my sing-song, self-depreciating comic skits and share my bargain fashion tips, I do it to help others and to liberate myself. I understand where Aviva is coming from, and I also understand where Carole is coming from. This is not registering with Carole and she does not congratulate Aviva for her accomplishment because she feels her unique talents are slighted. On another note what they should really be fighting about are those lips: whose are better? If I thought I could get a pair like that I would get them done!