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Sonja: I've Learned a Lot

Ramona on Her Divorce From Mario

Carole on Elitists and Bitches

Heather Says That's a Wrap

Sonja: Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

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Sonja's Glad Aviva Threw Her Leg

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Ramona: Aviva's Leg Scared All of Us

Heather Focuses on What Matters

LuAnn: Sonja Only Has Herself to Blame

What Else Does Aviva Have in That Bag?

Aviva: Leggy Blonde

God Gave me a Great Ass and His Approval

Sonja on Her Harry Situation with LuAnn

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Heather Tips to Plan a Party for Carole

Aviva Rises Above the Nonsense

Love Kristen Tender

Sonja and Harry Aren't Good for Each Other

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Aviva Defends Her Asthma

Heather's Sasha Fierce Moment

Nothing Is Too Romantic for Sonja

LuAnn: I Sing When I Feel Like Singing

Kristen: This Show Has Helped My Marriage

Carole: Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies. . .

Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year

Sonja: I've Learned a Lot

Sonja explains where the toaster oven is, what she's focusing on, and why she's mad at Ramona and LuAnn.

Yes Ramona, I built an amazing toaster oven prototype that was based on its unique features which is what sells. No, Heather, the half-naked guy was not needed on the box. Just me, since Sonja Morgan is the brand, as the brand experts have explained to me, since I represent all of the dreams that come true if you follow my tried and true lifestyle tips and secrets and learn from my mistakes. I'm still the straw that stirs the drink.

I brought it to the department stores. I didn't go in empty handed. I even had a wonderful home goods collection that I designed myself that they loved. Leopard is my neutral! In addition, I was even looking for some US manufacturers to partner up with who would invest in me, instead of manufacturing out of the country. And yes my original investor did drop out. It was sad. I was doing wonderful appearances with that toaster oven across the country and really enjoying myself -- booking them with my 20-minute red carpet ready up-do and smokey eye included.

But I needed to also keep my eyes on the cookie jar at home -- my bank accounts, investments, and the three properties I already own -- and my MAJOR asset, raising my young daughter as a single mom. My divorce has been difficult and I manage a slew of experts and lawyers. When everyone saw me at the Reunion last year, I was not upset about the money. I was upset about losing my best friend because we couldn't settle over assets. I don't see a settlement but I turned a corner. got out there and worked. Developing my website, newsletter, YouTube videos and sharing lifestyle tips and recipes.

I didn't wait for the other shoe to drop. I am moving on and if I were to lose everything tomorrow, I don't fear that I wont be able to continue to support myself and my daughter. I'm not afraid of making mistakes. I'm afraid of making the same mistake twice. That's exactly what I tell my interns don't be afraid to make mistakes while getting hands-on experiences. That's how you learn.

I learned a lot by making my own toaster oven, making my own home goods line, and meeting with the department stores and finding out that I have an unlimited amount of opportunities because I didn't slap my name on just anything and everything that came my way. It's really been very inspiring to know that.

Ramona and LuAnn running around Hampton like chickens with their heads cut off acting as if they concerned about me is not the way to help me. They know that my case is very complex, that I was selling my house in France, and that I'm managing very well my case in LA. In fact, I had an appeal in place at that time which meant no urgency. I have no idea why they decided to do that when I wasn't even in the scene with them to defend myself.

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