Sonja Morgan

Sonja explains that no one is feeling Ramona's pain -- and tells you what happened with that young captain.

on May 13

I do not condone violence, but, like I said, I was worried about Ramona. I wish Kristen had just accepted Ramona's apology.

I know Ramona better than anyone. She would never want to hurt Kristen.

I know Ramona, and she has not been acting like herself -- in the Hamptons when she was going off on me about the Caburlesque cameo I did for my Sonja in the City Charity Event, then not showing up for my poolside luncheon with Aviva to see my beautiful new NestSeeker real estate loaner, and at the Hamptons vineyard saying I was spread too thin.

Finally in the boat, she was upset about what Josh was saying about my business aspirations and then Kristen splashed her -- again after the reaction she got at the spa for doing the same. She's very unhappy being back in the Berkshires where she grew up. No one is feeling where her pain is coming from. She made it clear she wasn't going in the water she just had her hair blowdried for the weekend and I felt Kristen provoked her on purpose.

You cannot change people. We cannot cry over spilled milk, as they say. I would just accept the apology. No one is going to change Ramona.