Sonja Morgan

Sonja calls Ramona out for stirring the pot, and feels for Carole -- while genuinely being happy for Aviva.

on Mar 25

Hello again from Thailand my Bravo family!

First off, it is obvious Ramona is so happy to not be part of the #BookGate crossfire herself but she sure likes to stir the pot! LMAO. Ramona feels bad being the catalyst!!! When?!?

Oh my, I had no idea this thing had escalated to this level. I never saw Carole lose her self like that! Seeing them on the staircase, flinging insults, flipped my stomach. They were such good friends before. Love quickly turns to hate.

Ramona is like Cheshire Cat grinning like that. . . Again she is just happy to not be the one slinging arrows.

So sad to see Ramona planning her trip to Africa knowing what transpires later. She was so happy.

I love the way I blame everything on menopause. Can't use PMS all the time!

It is weird watching this scene how Heather is 100 percent behind Carole in BookGate while not having been at the lunch or the hallway brawl. She is feeling Carole's pain and going for it.