Sonja Morgan

Sonja calls Ramona out for stirring the pot, and feels for Carole -- while genuinely being happy for Aviva.

on Mar 25

Actually BookGate aside, I am so happy for Aviva and her new book. She has a publisher and she wrote a book! She's sharing her story with others. It's liberating for her and helps others as well. You can see she is getting healthier. She is not even afraid of bugs anymore! Her phobias are melting away. I'm personally happy for her and can put our past aside. If she can help herself, I am happy to help her be her best.

Needless to say I'm impressed with Carole's writing skills and all her other talents. This BookGate is not about writing or books. It's deeper.

In the park with Kristen -- I'm also asking myself what happened to the close relationship Aviva had with Carole. Aviva said she was much closer to Carole then Ramona. So the sting is sharp.

Boy, Ramona can say that again. She and I did a lot more as teenagers than our daughters have. Our daughters are conservative. Or are they? I don't think they have us fooled -- like we had our mothers!? LOL! Our mothers had no idea!

I know what Ramona feels when she says Avery is her other arm. That's how I feel when I alternate the holidays with my ex and my daughter is with her Dad. I don't feel like I'm complete. It's like I'm missing my arm when I'm with the rest of my family for Thanksgiving or Christmas without my daughter. Sometimes I opt to be alone at home and order in. I can't take it. It's just too much for me. I'm a Pisces Moon and very sensitive, just like Ramona.