Sonja Morgan

Sonja calls Ramona out for stirring the pot, and feels for Carole -- while genuinely being happy for Aviva.

on Mar 25

Here we are at Carole's baby shower. Eric Goldie VP of Social Media. I love it! There is so much that goes into social media. You can't just tweet what whatever you feel! You can be one tweet away from being fired or dumped by your best friend. Some people have no idea. I keep my brand ID in mind when posting across my social media platform at all times. What is my message? Carole said she pays Eric nothing. Doesn't that make him an intern? She said she wanted an intern like mine! Hers is pretty sweet.

The new old fashioned way of having kids? Who needs the sperm? Plenty of sperm out there. It's the eggs I need at my age right?

Carole's calling out Ramona on the pot stirring, and it is pretty funny. That horse left the barn a long time ago. But when Carole says there is no Carole/Aviva thing, she is wrong. This is Avivarola! It has a life of it's own now.

After Carole shares with Ramona her feelings and how it is for her, we see how important her work is to her identity. We feel her pain. Carole has so much to share. I hope she finds another love like she had with her husband.

I totally relate to Kristen at the Spartan Race. Waking to Pilates class is enough exercise sometimes. This is too intense. Sometime Ramona pushes me to work out military style. I don't like it! I knew Josh wasn't going to stay with Kristen. Why did he say he would? It's a competition. I've been in Kristen's situation, where I've been talked into something I shouldn't be doing in the first place. It doesn't feel good, but you have to finish on your own and grow. I take pride in getting through it on my own. Like Norma Kamali's OMO.